Best Soccer Video Game with Great Graphics

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Soccer is one of the famous games around the world. As per the survey, the most watched sports in the world are football or soccer. Many of them have the desired to play football even in the streets but over the evolution of technology in the world soccer game is available as video games and with the help of perfect gaming console it will give the real feeling of playing the game. Various video game companies produce various types of soccer video game few of them are more than realistic. Companies like EA and Konami provides high-quality video games for the users.

Konami PES2018

Konami is one of the leading video game providers in the world. They are the proud providers of Pro Evolution Soccer shortly called as PES and FIFA is an another video game provided by Electronic Arts (EA). PES is one of the most played video games in the world. Previous of Pro evolution soccer are very much realistic and get the good reception from the users. They have released the trailer for their future release of PES 2018. This version is not yet released and expected to release around September 2017. The expectation for this version is already sky-high after the trailer release.


This version of PES has more improvements than the previous version of PES. The commentary is one of the major things that is improved and also online store connection is improved, better playing condition, single-player journey, and more teams are the other improvements of this version. Gameplay also improved with better graphics and visual effects.

It can be played on PC, Xbox360, Xbox1, PS3 and also in PS4. The cover of this not yet released and the expectation is already high because the cover is very much important for the video game. It is hard to decide who will be on the cover of this version.



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