Clash Royale – Common mistakes while playing the game and general tips

Clash Royale – Common mistakes while playing the game and general tips

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Hey guys, there is a whole list of common mistakes that players normally make while playing Clash Royale. Though many players are trying to make the game easier by learning how to hack Clash Royale with the help of a hack tool, they still ignore the mistakes that they tend to make very often.

Do not use a card for which your enemy has a direct counter to your card with him.  You can easily track the cards. Once your opponent plays a card, he will get it only after playing four more cards. Be careful, if your enemy is trying to cycle through the deck quickly.

Make sure you count the cards that your opponent has to figure out if there is any surprising card that he is trying to hide. Do not underestimate Legendaries and Epics in challenges. You may be comfortable with the ladder, where rares and commons are adjusted a lot. If you think a particular card cannot combat a situation and doesn’t have an impact on the battle, better not play it.

Make sure when you should give up on a hit. Considering that you had given your best hit towards your enemy Tower and he places his 3 musketeers to protect himself. If you are unable to touch them, the hit is gone in vain.  If you try to Zap them, the 0.5 knock out will not do anything and the damage will be of no use. In such a situation, it is always better to quit.

Make sure you know when to surrender Tower’s HP. Also, think twice before you use a card for the first time in any battle. If your hits are getting stopped, try to use spells to damage your opponent’s Tower.

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