Tips on Making Neopoints Easily

Tips on Making Neopoints Easily

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One of the most popular online games that have taken the gaming world by storm is Neopets. This virtual game allows the players to enjoy their fullest with virtual pets.

If you don’t have enough Neopoints in order to purchase a paintbrush or a clothing accessory for your pet then you must be looking out for some ways that can help you get some Neopoints. Once you earn enough Neopoints (NPs), you can easily go ahead and buy stuff with that. This guide will help you to earn NPs.


One of the first things that every pro-gamer will tell a novice gamer in order to make Neopoints is to play games. While it is a good idea but it will not get you enough Neopoints. However, a good way to make more Neopoints is to buy Neopoints from the site. At the same time, playing the featured game can help in earning more currency. Even if you are playing the game badly Neopoints get doubled.


Around the world of Neopia, there are plenty of places that give away free stuff. It will help a game to feed their pets. This will help to make some more Neopoints.


Apart from the free giveaways, there are many quests that can help in earning Neopoints and items. As they are mostly found in Neopia, offering to do a quest for someone like Edna- Haunted Woods, Taelia – Terror Mountain, etc can be very helpful.


Restocking allows a gamer to buy rare items from the main shop like Shop Wizard and sell them for wizard price in their respective shop. The main shops usually sell them for less, but Neopians can sell them at higher rates.

With plenty of people trying restocking at the same time, a player needs to be very fast. Even though it may be a bit hard for the first timers but there are plenty of guides and tips that can help you to become a master of the game and gain the items within seconds.


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